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Three media literacy workshops will take place in 2017 (in Austria, Poland and Germany) with the aim of supporting:

  • Mutual learning and cooperation activities as instruments for sharing concrete best practices transferable to different legal contexts, that are likely to increase efficient prevention of discrimination/hate speech
  • Development of counter-narratives through multilingual programs / campaigns fighting stereotypes and populism, taking creative examples from a local/small scale to a broader context

Applications for the first workshop in Vienna are now open at www.cmfe.eu/mah_workshops
Applications for the workshops in Poland and Germany will be announced separately.

*Deadline for Application: 31st of January 2017*

*Where: *Vienna, Presseclub Concordia
*When:* April 3rd 9:30-17:00 and April 4th 9:30-14:00

*Topics:* Counter narrative storytelling; counterspeech and audience engagement

*The project is financially supported by the European Commission (DG Justice and Consumers), by the Broadcasting Board of Governors and by the Media & Internet Division of the Council of Europe.*

BFR-Kongress / #ZWCM2022

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27. bis 30.10.2022 |
Coloradio | Dresden
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